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Проект "Флора и фауна Канады"

В школе с 9 января по 21 февраля проходит Фестиваль Канады. В рамках фестиваля в январе ученики 1-7 классов работали над проектом "Флора и фауна Канады" под руководством учителя Science Ms. Sudeshna.

This year the school chose Canada as its annual thematic country. I assigned students from grades 1 to 7 the topic “Flora and Fauna of Canada”. The students from grades 1 to 4 made amazing and unique projects on the fauna of Canada. I was surprised at how accurate and interested the students were when they were presenting their respective topics. The students made posters on the beautiful flora of Canada. Some students were awe-stricken by the majestic Grizzly bears and their habitats. The students were shown a presentation on the Flora and Fauna of Canada and admired the grandeur of the Canadian Tundra.

The students of grades 5 to 7, made much more complex projects and presentations that even left me surprised by their dedication to the projects. Their PowerPoint Presentations were informative and neatly designed. The students also admired and spoke about how the beavers built their dams and how the maple trees changed colors through the different seasons.

Altogether, the project was extremely informative and I hope that the students had fun working on these projects.

Regards and thanks,

Dr. Sudeshna Aurangabadkar, Science Teacher