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The Earth Day

Like all the previous years, this year also we celebrated the 46th Anniversary of the Earth Day.
Children from grades 2-6 participated with great enthusiasm! They will be felicitated by certificates and some tasty prizes!

All the topics were related with the Earth Day. Children showed their versatility!
Children of 2AB were very much keen to the topics like save the habitats. On the other hand, students of 3AB chose the topics from endangered animals to filter for water and cars.
Enthusiastic students of 4AB chose varieties of topics like the Black hole, pollution, Ecological problems of Moscow etc.
Students of 5AB chose some solutions to stop the different types of pollutions.
Students of 6AB grades showed their projects and presentations through interesting innovative ways, like a small skit about the GMO free food, right food for the pets or why cell phones are dangerous for our health.
I hope with this enthusiasm our children will celebrate every day as the Earth Day, after all they are our future!

With regards, 
Your Science teacher 
Ms. Sudeshna